Countdown for IDEF‘17 Has Begun!

The countdown has begun for the International Defence Industry Fair IDEF‘17, one of the world’s five largest defence industry fairs. Within the scope of the activities of IDEF‘17, 13th International Defence Industry Fair, the publicity reception was held in Ankara on November 17th, 2o16. To be organized by TÜYAP under the administration and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation [TAFF], and with the support of Turkish Ministry of National Defence [MoND], IDEF‘17 Fair will be held between 9–12 May, 2o17 at the TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Centre in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul.

The reception was attended by Turkish MoND and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TAFF Fikri IŞIK, MoND Undersecretary Ali FİDAN, Deputy Undersecretary of the SSM Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ, TAFF General Manager Orhan AKBAŞ, TÜYAP Chairman Bülent ÜNAL, SaSaD [Defence & Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association] Chairman Selçuk YAŞAR, SSI [Defence & Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association] Chairman Latif Aral ALİŞ, high-ranking officials from the Turkish Armed Forces [TAF], ambassadors and the military attaches from the embassies in Ankara as well as members of the press.

During the reception speeches were given by TAFF General Manager Orhan AKBAŞ and Minister of National Defence Fikri IŞIK. After the speeches IDEF‘17 introductory film has been watched and then participants were invited to the cocktail.

Has been held once in every odd year since 1993 and becoming a trademark in its field IDEF International Defence Industry Fairs are witnessing a real ‘EurAsia Meeting’ and playing an essential role on the development of friendship and cooperation between participant countries. IDEF, as a high technology defence industry fair, incorporating main defence industry branches and their subordinates, is an essential information centre and international marketing arena not only for Turkey but also for participating defence industry companies.

As one of the biggest defence industry fairs in EurAsia region IDEF Fairs have witnessed an increasing trend in terms of the number of participating countries, delegations and companies during recent years. And this trend is hoped to continue at IDEF‘17.

Defence industry firms from all corners of the wall are displaying their latest solutions and projects at IDEF Fairs. Selected as the Official Media Sponsor for this distinguished Fair, Savunma ve Havacılık and Mönch Media Turkey will publish the bi-lingual [in Turkish and English] ‘IDEF DAILY,’ magazines during the first three days of the Show. In this regard, we wish IDEF‘17 would be successful and beneficial for all partners




 At the first part for his address TAFF General Manager Orhan AKBAŞ has shared some information about TAFF and TAFF Affiliated Partnerships [VBO] 2o15 performance. TAAF will celebrate the 3oth anniversary in 2o17. According to AKBAŞ, as of the end of 2o15 the TAFF Subsidiaries have employed 43% of the employees of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry. The TAFF Subsidiaries have also realized 47% of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry’s turnover, 47% of the exports and 59% of the total R&D expenditures. Underlining that at ‘Defence News Top 1oo’, where world largest 1oo Defence and Aerospace companies have been listed in accordance with their annual defence revenues, Aselsan was ranked 58th and TAI was ranked 72nd in 2o15 AKBAŞ said, “We are honoured to see that our Subsidiaries, which are now in the position of the flagship of Turkish Defence Industry, have been climbing upper places both in Turkey and in the world rankings. Our Foundation is a private legal entity and provides direct contribution to the Turkish Industry and Turkish Economy and continues to its activities with great ambition and determination.”

AKBAŞ also noted that one of the important activities of the TAFF was the organization of IDEF International Defence Industry Fairs. He underlined that under the auspices and with the support of MoND, IDEF Fairs have been administrated successfully by the TAFF since 1993 with 23-year know-how and experience. According to AKBAŞ, during the preparation and execution processes of the IDEF, TAFF cooperates with over 2o institutions.

TAFF General Manager AKBAŞ has shared following information on IDEF‘17 with the guests.

 As an international specialized fair in the fields of defence industry and military aviation and a Turkey’s world brand IDEF has been organized 12 times successfully during 1993-2o15 and has become one of the world’s five largest defence fairs in terms of the number of participants in the meantime.  IDEF‘15 Fair, held in May 2o15, was visited by 493 senior international delegations members from 76 countries and one international institution. IDEF‘15 was attended by a total of 781 companies [302 local and 479 foreign] or representatives from 53 countries. IDEF Fairs have been turned into a most important business development platform not only for large companies but also for SMEs to display and introduce their capabilities to both Turkish and foreign procurement delegations. IDEF‘15, lasted four days, was visited by a total of professional visitors [of which were local and were foreign] from 11o countries.

At IDEF’17, 28 meeting offices will be established for delegations and exhibitors to meet with high-level procurement authorities. It is planned to ensure that each delegate and participating company makes one on one interview with the other delegates and participating companies. It is expected that over 8oo companies or their representatives from minimum 5o countries will attend the Fair to which over 3oo authorities from over 1oo countries have been invited by the Turkish MoND and Chief of Turkish General Staff [TGS] to the Fair. 

The special introduction days [Publicity Days] for the forces will be specified for the first time at IDEF‘17 Fair, to be held at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Centre in this year. The 2nd day of the Fair will be allocated for Turkish Land Forces Command [TLFC] and Gendarmerie General Command [GGC], 3rd day for Turkish Naval Forces Command [TNFC] and 4th day for Turkish Air Force [TurAF] Command and Security General Directorate [SGD]. It is expected there will be the highest level of participation at the Publicity Days from the related Commands and the SGD, at IDEF Daily magazines introductory articles will be published and also small-scale demonstrations will be organized for the guests. AKBAŞ also underlined that 14th edition of the IDEF Fair [IDEF‘19] will be held during May 7-1o, 2o19.

At his address Minister of National Defence Fikri IŞIK stated that Turkey asks for peace and stability in its region and strives for spreading the peace and stability. Remembering Ziya Pasha’s famous saying ‘If you wish peace then you should be ready for war’, Minister IŞIK said, “It is not possible to protect the peace without having a combat ready Armed Forces. The most important way to protect the peace is an Armed Forces, which is always ready for war. In this respect, we as the Republic of Turkey strive for increasing our deterrent force in order that the peace and stability be permanent while striving for spreading the peace and stability. For this reason, we have been making an effort to improve combat readiness level and the human resources of the Turkish Armed Forces [TAF] each passing day.”

Underlining the fact that embargoes that experienced soon after the Cyprus Peace Operation carried out in 1974 have clearly revealed the how the National Defence Industry is necessary and important for Turkey and added,  “Today, thank God, Turkey is not a country, purchasing, using and consuming weapon. Today Turkey has become a country, producing weapons, developing technologies, adapting them into the defence industry and implementing them. We still have deficiencies. We do our best in order to fulfil these deficiencies. Thank God we have made very important phases.”  

Minister IŞIK has underlined that Turkey is now able to manufacture/produce a great deal of Defence Industry products locally ranging from indigenous Assault Rifle to indigenous MBT, corvette, and from UAVs to satellites and pointed out that in Defence Industry field Turkey has entered a new period in which critical technologies are further required.  “We are entering a period that we focus on critical technologies. To jointly develop technology, we would be much pleased to cooperate with all countries over the world, primarily the NATO members,” IŞIK said.

He also underlined the importance of IDEF Fairs for marketing and sale of Turkish defence equipment and systems to foreign countries. Minister IŞIK has requested the foreign guests to show a further interest in IDEF‘17 and expressed his belief that the IDEF‘17 Fair will be more productive and better than the previous one held in 2o15.   




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