No Missed Opportunity - Naval Propulsion Community Met at RENK Symposium

The new generation of naval ships have to be more flexible, based on their multi-mission tasks, and therefore must provide an optimum performance over the whole mission range regarding efficiency, reliability, redundancy, and low noise, Bernhard VOLLMER, Head of Sales at RENK AG, noted in his essay published in NAVAL FORCES in early 2012. This statement was received following the Summer Symposium “Propulsion Experts meet at RENK – Innovative Trends in Marine Drive Trains” that was undertaken at RENK’s Headquarters in Augsburg in May 2011. Over the past five years or so, these words are about to remain valid – the ship engineer has available gas turbines, diesel engines, and high- or low-speed electric motors to provide for a combination of necessary power for every range of speed within the speed profile of a naval ship. VOLLMER also noted that because today’s propulsion systems have their strength and weaknesses, it is the main goal to combine them in a most intelligent way, based on the given speed and mission profile.

The third edition of the RENK Symposium last May again provided in-depth knowledge of what is needed for future naval propulsion. Participants from 23 countries around the globe, including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Turkey, and the US, delivered interesting insights into their own view of the future of naval propulsion and a range of naval shipbuilding programmes, for which advanced propulsion technologies are “already in the pipeline”.

Members of the Turkish delegation, consisting of representatives from SSM, Aselsan, STM and ADIK Shipyard, noted that the Turkish Naval Force (TNF) is in a phase of “massive expansion”, with new-construction programmes – “I” class and TF-2000 frigates, corvettes, fast patrols, amphibious warfare ships, and special-purpose vessels – awaiting latest “technology triumphs” in naval propulsion. Representing SMM, Bilkutay YILMAZ, Director, Warship Programmes, attended the event.

In a statement to SAVUNMA VE HAVACILIK, RENK’s General Manager Marine, Dr. Franz HOPPE, noted, “The international symposium in marine drive technology, entitled “Propulsion Experts Meet at RENK“, [in which] 190 guests attended, including representatives from 10 Navies, was an excellent opportunity for Navies, shipyards, and suppliers to network and exchange opinions on the latest state of advanced propulsion technology. Numerous presentations laid the ground for lively discussions around today’s increased needs for flexible solutions, asking for multi-drive trains and efficient feasibility of such requirements.” He added, “RENK was proud in being able to provide the stage for such an exquisite forum and has seen an impressive acceptance of our customers and business partners. We welcome all to continue our dialogue and generate further propulsion solutions increasingly efficient and flexible.” These words came from the top, as RENK, which was founded in 1873 as a mechanics workshop for producing gear wheels, is now leading the global market for special drive mechanisms and heavy-duty gearboxes for both maritime and stationary applications.

Bernhard VOLLMER, RENK’s Head of Sales, noted in his statement, “In the meantime, the RENK Symposium […] is established and appreciated in expert circles as highly professional platform for all parties involved in marine propulsion systems. The philosophy of the Symposium is to discuss, over two days, future developments of propulsion plants. The exchange of practical experience from the operator’s side reflected by industry and research institutes, as well as propulsion experts is a unique opportunity. This is highly appreciated by all participants as the steadily growing numbers of international participants clearly demonstrate.






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