SDT to export software to South Korea

SDT has won an international bid opened in South Korea for Embedded Training System [ETS] that will be used on a training aircraft.

Having been successful in both technical and economic aspects, SDT has been awarded with its first business in South Korea.

For this export, ETS software will be developed by SDT and to be delivered in 2o17.

Mounted on training/fighter aircraft, ETS is a system that provides pilots with combat readiness training against simulated targets during real flight, improves training effectiveness and decreases training costs. This system has much superiority compared to ground based flight simulators.

SDT is providing similar air combat training systems for Turkish Air Forces and now is getting prepared to offer them to export markets such as Korea. Another example of such is ACMI system.

Like ETS, ACMI is a system enabling pilot training and exercises during real flight. Training and exercises can be monitored and evaluated live at the same time in the command centers.

When combined with ACMI system, ETS and simulators complete Live-Virtual-Constructive [LVC] training concept and becomes a holistic training and exercise system with many simulated and real elements together.

With its holistic approach to training and exercise systems, SDT will work on expanding its market in air combat training by also participating in ACMI bid in South Korea this year. Republic of Korea Air Force [RoKAF] plans to replace existing Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation [ACMI] systems. SDT and KAI has declared mutual intentions to work together in RoKAF ACMI Program and they put these intentions under signature with an Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] agreement signed between these two companies during IDEF ‘15 Fair held in May 2o15 in Istanbul.

Under a contract awarded by Turkish MoND in 2o14 and become effective in September 2o14 SDT has been developing an indigenous ACMI System [Pod] for Turkish Air Force. Certification of SDT ACMI System has been declared to be completed in May 2o16.




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