NATO Secretary General Flew With Havelsan Simulators!

On June 5, 2o15 Havelsan, the leading company in the field of software and system integration in Turkey, announced that NATO Secretary General Jens STOLTENBERG has flown with the simulators produced by the company.

Within the scope of NATO Atlantic Council, NATO Secretary General Jens STOLTENBERG, Deputy Secretary General Alexander VERSHBOW, Chairman of the Military Committee General Knud BARTELS and 28 permanent representatives visited Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) Headquarters in İzmir. Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center developed by Havelsan to serve for the Turkish Air Force Command at the 2nd Main Jet Base Group Command was also in the visit plan of the delegation.

Flew with KT-1T and T-38M Full Mission Simulators at the Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center, NATO Secretary General STOLTENBERG and the accompanying delegation made affirmative comments regarding to Havelsan simulators and co-systems.

Havelsan gets ready to make a big step to have Havelsan name and capabilities known in international platform by having company simulators used by Air Force personnel of NATO allied countries within the concept of Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center Project, constituting one of the primary aims of the visit.

As a high tech defence cooperation initiative, Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center Project aims to have simulators and co-systems developed by Havelsan used as a common pool. Thusly, it is intended to provide standardized aircrew training for NATO allied countries in the lead of Turkey, share flight training experience, develop new cooperation areas among allies and minimize training costs.

Passing its first anniversary of opening in February, at Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center more than 40.000 hours of flight training have been realized. Center’s maintenance and operation services are also provided by Havelsan Training Services with a more than 98% success rate.



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